Friday, August 29, 2014

gstreamermm on Windows & Visual Studio

Hi everyone!
Recently me and my friends have ported quite big project from Linux to Windows, and had to build it in Visual Studio environment. (Un)fortunatelly, we're strongly dependent on gstreamermm project, so I had to prepare .vcxproj files, which allows us to compile gstreamermm in Microsoft's IDE.
I spent one evening on that, and that's it! I've commited Visual Studio project file for building gstreamermm project, and also property sheet (.props), which contains all necessary dependencies for gstreamermm-based projects.
I've tested it in Debug/Release configuration, both platforms (Win32 and x64), and have used Visual Studio 2010 (project file probably can be upgraded to VS2013, but I didn't test it yet).
You can find it in the nearest gstreamermm release (currently I'm working on 1.2.4 version, it should be finished in a next month), but I've already prepared unofficial release for you [1].
Go ahead, download, use, and file  a bugs on a bugzilla [2] ;)

If I have a time, I will prepare windows installer for sure, and upload it with official v1.2.4 release. If not, maybe someone else will pick up the gauntlet, and do one-click installer for gstreamermm community - if you'd like to help, just let me know, I'll help you so far as it is possible.

gstreamermm depends on many other libraries, so you need to install gtkmm package (can be found here [3]), or build necessary yourself from sources (that's way which I have chosen).


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