Sunday, August 3, 2014

gstreamermm 1.0 finally released!

Yeah, after more than year, I finally released gstreamermm [1] 1.0 version - it might be downloaded from the website [2]. I'm really sorry people, who have waited for this release, I had not so much time to do it. Ok. I had time, I didn't it earlier because of my laziness. GUADEC finally motivated me to do this release, and I'm promis, I'll work on gstreamermm project regular, and also official releases will be done as soon as it will be possible.

The most important change, compared to previous version, is supported gstreamer 1.0.
Moreover, possibility for writing your own plugin was added (thanks peper0 [3]).
I also used gtest [4] for writing testcases.

Future plans
  • There is a lot of bugs, which I'll for sure fix in the next stable version. I'm going to write much more test cases (my aim - cover every single function). Feel free to use this library, file a bugs and send patches on a bugzilla [5]!
  • I'm also going to wrap new things from 1.2 version, and later also from 1.4 version.
Packaging - HELP!
I'm looking for help with releasing Ubuntu/Fedora packages. I'd never done it, and it would be nice, if somebody help me, or even do it instead of me :)

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