Friday, August 29, 2014

gstreamermm on Windows & Visual Studio

Hi everyone!
Recently me and my friends have ported quite big project from Linux to Windows, and had to build it in Visual Studio environment. (Un)fortunatelly, we're strongly dependent on gstreamermm project, so I had to prepare .vcxproj files, which allows us to compile gstreamermm in Microsoft's IDE.
I spent one evening on that, and that's it! I've commited Visual Studio project file for building gstreamermm project, and also property sheet (.props), which contains all necessary dependencies for gstreamermm-based projects.
I've tested it in Debug/Release configuration, both platforms (Win32 and x64), and have used Visual Studio 2010 (project file probably can be upgraded to VS2013, but I didn't test it yet).
You can find it in the nearest gstreamermm release (currently I'm working on 1.2.4 version, it should be finished in a next month), but I've already prepared unofficial release for you [1].
Go ahead, download, use, and file  a bugs on a bugzilla [2] ;)

If I have a time, I will prepare windows installer for sure, and upload it with official v1.2.4 release. If not, maybe someone else will pick up the gauntlet, and do one-click installer for gstreamermm community - if you'd like to help, just let me know, I'll help you so far as it is possible.

gstreamermm depends on many other libraries, so you need to install gtkmm package (can be found here [3]), or build necessary yourself from sources (that's way which I have chosen).


Monday, August 18, 2014

Week with drones - IMAV 2014 report

Last week I spent far away of my homely hacker zone, I was in Netherlands, and took part in IMAV - International Micro Air Vehicle Conference and Competition [1], as a member of High Flyers - Academic Scientific Association from Silesian University of Technology [2].

Briefly about IMAV
IMAV is an annual competition for UAV aficionado, combined with conference concerning micro air vehicles. Last year, IMAV was organized by ENAC University, from Toulouse [3]. That was my first time, when I participated in IMAV, and I really enjoyed. Me and my friends (from High Flyers also) decided to attend in both the conference and the competition. We did our best, and we won two silver medals in indoor category (autonomy and operation) [4]!!! The atmosphere on the conference was amazing - everyone was very friendly, you could talk about UAV technologies with people from another universities, countries, and even continents. Moreover, organizers invited us to Airbus factory [5], and we could see, how one of the biggest airliners are made.
HF-4X - our last year platform, and awards :)

IMAV 2014
This year, IMAV was organized by University of Technology in Delf, in Netherlands. Organizers made every effort, to prepare conference as good as in France. And this is it! Guys from Delf have organized conference very well.

This year there was no division into outdoor and indoor category. Whole mission, which should be done, took place in both inside the buildings, and also outside. So participants have to prepare platform, which can fly in various conditions, or just made two kind of platforms - for indoor and outdoor operations. Most of (or maybe all) teams have chosen later variant (including High Flyers).
Competition has took place in the village of Oostdorp. Participants had to make a map of Oostdorp, find obstacles on the roads, read numbers on the buildings, precisely scan one of them, observe digits shown on seven-segment display. And the most important - every mission should be performed fully autonomous. If an operator interfere during a mission, a team will get less points. Competition rules might be found on an official IMAV 2014 website [6].

Me and my team on IMAV 2014
High Flyers has participated with three platforms. Two of them was designed for outdoor conditions, and one - for flying inside a building. Unfortunately, one of outdoor platforms has broken down on competition's day (one day earlier, during a tests, everything has worked fine...:), and we used only two platforms. Even so, we have won very good, 4th place. Gold medal for team from Singapore, silver - Germany, and bronze - for previous organizers - France. Final competition results might be found on the IMAV 2014 website [7].

High Flyers with UAVs before...

...and during competition

Next year - Achen, Germany. I'm looking forward to the rules. If it is possible, I definitely will go there. I think, every one interested in UAV, should be on IMAV, meet people crazy about drones.

IMAV's disadvantages
IMAV was really amazing, but when I backed home, I get to know the only one disadvantage of this conference. I wasn't at home whole week, and I totally forgot about my plants :/ Rosemary looks quite ok, but basil probably can't be rescued. I'll do my best, but I'm afraid, I have to buy a new one.
Almost dead basil


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

GSoC Report #4

Last stage of my Google Summer of Code 2014 project was to implement mechanism for sending metadata to AcoustID service.
Me and my mentor decided, that metadata will be sent automatically in a background. There is no need for user interaction. Data is sent on adding new audio file to a music library, or on a change metadata of existing track.
AcoustID requires API key for acceptance new metadata, so user has to enter his key into a preferences window.

Metadata Fixer preferences window

Key might be obtained on a acoust id website [1]. While user doesn't enter api key, in plugin window, "AcoustID Settings" button will be displayed.

Plugin info with button referring to an AcoustID preferences window


Sunday, August 3, 2014

gstreamermm 1.0 finally released!

Yeah, after more than year, I finally released gstreamermm [1] 1.0 version - it might be downloaded from the website [2]. I'm really sorry people, who have waited for this release, I had not so much time to do it. Ok. I had time, I didn't it earlier because of my laziness. GUADEC finally motivated me to do this release, and I'm promis, I'll work on gstreamermm project regular, and also official releases will be done as soon as it will be possible.

The most important change, compared to previous version, is supported gstreamer 1.0.
Moreover, possibility for writing your own plugin was added (thanks peper0 [3]).
I also used gtest [4] for writing testcases.

Future plans
  • There is a lot of bugs, which I'll for sure fix in the next stable version. I'm going to write much more test cases (my aim - cover every single function). Feel free to use this library, file a bugs and send patches on a bugzilla [5]!
  • I'm also going to wrap new things from 1.2 version, and later also from 1.4 version.
Packaging - HELP!
I'm looking for help with releasing Ubuntu/Fedora packages. I'd never done it, and it would be nice, if somebody help me, or even do it instead of me :)