Sunday, July 13, 2014

GstCreator - introduction

I'd like to introduce to you my OpenSource project - GstCreator [1]. It's some kind of IDE for GStreamer framework [2]. User can rapidly prototype GStreamer pipeline, and (in the future, not implemented yet) generate C or C++ file with code.
However, user can peek buffers, events and queries on every single pad.

Entire project is written in C++. I'm using Qt library [3](maybe in the future it will be replaced by Gtk+ [4], will see). CMake [5] is my build system. I don't use GStreamer directly, but gstreamermm library [6], which is C++ wrapper for GStreamer framework. It's because of two reasons: 
  • don't like mix 2 languages in one project (even if syntax of both languages is very similar)
  • I'm currently maintainer of gstreamermm project, and use this library by myself helps me find and eliminate a lot of bugs.
Development plan
GstCreator is not ready, ah, it's quite long long way to make first release of this application. But I'm of good cheer.
The list of most important features, which should be implemented in the nearest future:
  • linking to a `sometimes` pads
  • improved `ProbesWatcher` module by showing more informations about buffers, events, and queries, and adding possibility for filtering data
  • save & load project
List above shows only the most important tasks, but there is a lot of minor bugs, which should be implemented ASAP. There is a lot ideas in my head, how to improve this tool, made it more useful and powerful ;)
I hope, some of you will enjoy this application, maybe there is also somebody, who'd like to help me in development ;)
I'm also waiting for your ideas connected to this project. Maybe some features are especially useful, but I didn't notice it;)

I will inform you here about my progress, new features ;)

And at the end, short (and easy) quiz: What film is played on a screenshoot shown below?

GstCreator during playing udp stream


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