Monday, June 30, 2014

GSoC Report #2

Previously I wrote about an application, which allows you to find metadata tags using audio file fingerprint. This application was written in C#, and required some minor fixes.

Rewriting standalone application in F#
So that's what I've done during last week; I fixed minor bugs (e.g. some fields in JSON file were optional), and the most important: rewrote application in F#. From now on, I'm not writing in C# during GSoC no more :)

Implemented AcoustID in a Banshee's plugin
Afterwards, I've finally implemented AcoustID support in Banshee! Now you can get any audio file form your disk, and find metadata of it. For now my plug-in supports only finding track Artist and Title fields, but I hope, the rest of them will be done and available in the nearest future.

Plugin based on fingerprints in Metadata Fixer

Caching AcoustID results
Fingerprint computation is a long process (approximately 5 seconds per file), so calculated fingerprints are stored in a cache directory. It allows to use results in the future.
Fingerprints are saved in a files, where filename is a hash of track URI and size of file.

Computing fingerprints in a background
Moreover, I also started to implement mechanism, which computes fingerprints in a background, so user don't have to waste his time on a waiting for fingerprints. It's working now, but I didn't test it too much, and probably it requires still a lot of work.

Empty album's names fixer improvements
However, I improved a little MetadataFixer plugin by adding another column to a main view: Track Info. It was useful in my plugin, and might be also used in the future. Plugin's author can decide, whether this column should be available (by overriding specific method), and what should be there displayed (e.g. file URI or track title).

Track Info column in Metadata Fixer plugin

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