Saturday, June 21, 2014

GSoC Report #1 (slightly delayed)

At first, I have to explain my little delay of progress report - I started my work a little bit later (that's because of exams on my university), and that's why I'm writing my progress report now (I promise, I will publish my further report in the nearest two weeks:)

Last time I spent a lot of time on a  learning F# language. My mentor, AndrĂ©s G. Aragoneses, proposed me to write my task in this language (at the beginning it was to be a C# ). I'd never written anything using this language, so I started to read everything what I noticed in the internet about it. The most interesting articles I can be found at the end of post.
Because I even after reading a lot of articles I wasn't so experienced in F# (I'm still not ;), I started to write in C#, and then I rewrote my code to F#.

Empty album's names fixer
My first subtask was add new function to  Metadata Fixer plugin. Pluggin allowed to find and fix duplicated artists, albums and genres in loaded files. I implemented one more option: finding tracks, which has empty album's names, and setting this field to "God's Album". Screenshot of plugin and results is shown below:

Input track list, with empty album's names

Tracks with empty album's field, found by plugin

Fixed album's names

After that, I improved it a little, by finding real album's name in MusicBrainz [1] service.
Album's names found in MusicBrainz

Meanwhile I fixed bug [2], which totally prevented to use Metadata Fixer in the newest Banshee version.

Working with AcoustID
Now I'm trying to use AcoustID [3] - it's an Open Source project, which allows to read fingerprints from audiofile. Fingerprint may be used for finding more informations about track (e.g. track name, artist, release etc.).
For now, I wrote an application, which takes audiofile as an argument, reads fingerprints, and display some informations about this file.
Sample usage:
loganek@loganek-cmp ~$ ./ChromaPrintTest.exe ~/unknown.mp3
Track ID: 370f8c7a-ae8d-4ac4-9c41-f731929580e7
Recording ID: cfe8e73c-09c1-4c86-a86c-d31da7448a08
Title: Ten sen
     * Varius Manx (ID: 04f19c9f-f9c3-4645-bb26-7f7211ae7b6f)
Release Groups:
     * Najlepsze z dobrych (Type: Album, ID: c6ac2258-16c4-3362-8396-08c5fa49456d)
     * Ego (Type: Album, ID: 322c5fec-d0bf-37ba-82a9-c1d1b93608c3)

loganek@loganek-cmp ~$
Fingerprints are calculated from decoded stream, so we can use this application for every audio format, which is supported by GStreamer installed on your system.

For my commits, follow the link [4]

F# tutorials

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